A Personal Boot Camp


Fast track to amazing results


Find the answers to those niggling questions


Day 1: set aside up to 4 hours to discuss your needs


Day 2: set aside up to 8 hours for transformation


Day 3: set aside up to an hour for final review






















I always say I feel like Mary Poppins, with a magnificent carpet bag full to the brim with tools and interesting things...


Working with thousands of people over the years from many walks of life, in Mental Health & Social Care, I have discovered that there is 'no one size fits all' and as unique beings, with a personal story, our journey to transformation is always different.


I wonder where you are right now? I suspect that you are ready to move forward, to find your path, your power and really begin to LIVE the life you were meant for. 


I can guarantee that you will have many 'aha' moments, each one leading to a transformation in your life.


I'm guessing you are curious as to HOW I can be so bold as to say I can guarantee 'aha' moments:  quite simply no one has let me down yet!


You will discover all those 'hidden' things that have caused you to falter and then learn tools that are so tranformational, you will think it is magic.



  • We are all perfect just as we are
  • We choose to live life on purpose, rather than at 'effect' of our old stories'
  • We are body, mind, emotions and spirit and when each part is in alignment we are healthy.
  • We are ready to live life to the full


Are you ready to:

                Discover your true self

                               Let loose those old stories 

                                           Begin to feel at complete ease

                                                        Start living YOUR dream?







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