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I worked with Susi to help me with an overwhelming to do list. It completely transformed me. I then found that I was procrastinating about creating a space for myself, I booked a second consultation and within 6 minutes I had completely altered my mindset, my attitude and my ability to see the space completed. I set a timescale and despite other distractions I am well ahead of my goals.  

Kathy: Entrepeneur                                  

I consulted with Susi during my darkest hours, she guided me to overcome a major hurdle and find my peace. Almost one year on and I have my life on purpose: a complete turnaround.  

Ethan: Architect


I got caught in a loop and couldnt see my way to manage a tricky situation. Susi listened intently and guided me to start asking different questions - this gave me the lightbulb moment that had eluded me. Susi is my go to mentor                       

Elizabeth: CEO


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