• On Hold

    I wonder with all that is happening in our world, did you put life on hold, the normal day to day activities, relationships, experiences, hobbies etc

    I think we all found different priorities, started looking and reflecting on the meaning of life and what is important

    I let my business slip....getting so entrenched in living that I stopped writing 

    So deeply embedded in writing and delivering courses, that I forgot this part of my role...then 2021 happened and almost halfway through and I am now ready to pick up, not where I left off, because I have moved mountains since then, I myself have been on a retreat of the mind, body and spirit and refereshed and invigorated, I am now ready to serve you all in new and wonderful ways.

    So...keep your eyes on my posts as I reveal the new look Living on Purpose




  • Helping Busy People like you, find Balance and increase productivity and satisfaction

    STEP 1

    HOW are you spending your energy?

    Award yourself 100 units of energy to spend every day.

    Make a list of your priorities, responsibilities and aspirations, create a pie chart similar to the diagram.

    Consider the  energy you gave to each area today - or over the past week/month.

    What observation have you made?

    When we recognise and acknowledge our lives in terms of energy spent we are better able to investigate and re-negotiate our lives to create balance.

    I was taught that we must give out of our ‘overflow’ and not allow ourselves to run on empty - what is draining your energy and what changes can you make to improve your life?

    STEP 2 

    Look at the people who you meet in these life domains. Investigate who Give you energy and who are Take your energy

    Making choices for our health and wellbeing might just shift the balance - this could mean some harsh actions.  Where you can’t walk away from an energy vampire - you can reduce the energy you allow them to take. Seek support if you know what you want to do but it seems overwhelming.

    I would love your feedback and/or your story of how this simple exercise supported your productivity and satisfaction, please keep in touch


    Susi Jones   www.livingonpurpose.uk


  • Truth, Belief & Understanding….How do you define yourself?

    In all that I am - I seek only to love, no lofty ideals of what love might mean for you

    We are all on our journey, finding our path - stumbling over the rocks and the blocks of our own personal demons.

    When we start a journey of transformation, it is not an easy street. All our safety and security in the truth that we hold, our beliefs, our understanding and our direction are challenged and the earth beneath us feels unstable. I know…..I have spent more time in the eye of the storm than I care to remember - the dark nights of the soul when life feels impossible and no light shines at the end of the tunnel.

    When you work with people whose lives have been upskittled by their past, their now and the fears of their future, it causes a deeper exploration of your own psyche and one often asks - what separates us? We all have our own madness - those debilitating ruminations and terrifying dreams creating untold fear, anxiety and depression. And this is where I have spent my life - working with people afraid of themselves or others  and for some completely lost in their own reality and for most lost in the story they were told.

    Each of these wonderful people - my greatest teachers, were labelled, marked like a box ‘this way up’ and packaged accordingly - humanity lost, relationships ruined and hopes and dreams of a ‘normal life’ shattered. The rabbit hole is deep - this drug fits this label, this new treatment - the answer. One does not need to delve too deeply into the history of mental health treatments to know that they were NOT the answer.

    You might ask where are you going with this? 

    I am not anti-psychiatry - I am pro humanity, pro love, pro acceptance of all of our odd peculiarities. And yes in a deep crisis: support and treatment is absolutely necessary, talking treatments, medication and therapy are a vital life line…….

    I am anti-labeling and the impact that label can have throughout our lives, once in Mental Health Services... always labelled the record never wiped. 

    If I could say something quite radical - don’t define yourself by the label you were given  - clumsy, stupid, simple, useless, idiot, mad. You are so much more than that and those words belong to the person who spoke them and their demons - not YOU.

    If you were given a Mental Illness Label  - again don’t define yourself by the label, accept that the diagnosis was given at a time when you were unwell and this informed the treatment you were given to help you recover.

    YOU are so much more than any label: Spend time today thinking about the labels that empower you, bring you a smile, a label that feels happy to you and watch how the earth beneath you starts to feel more stable.


    May 18 - 24th is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, the theme is Kindness. Want to get involved with promoting Mental Health and Wellness? Get in touch now - susijonesart@gmail.com


  • Joy

    Living in Joy

    Loving in Joy

    Parenting in Joy

    My mother was an exceptional cook, she used to say her secret ingredient was 'Love'. When she was choosing her vegetables - she experienced Joy, when she was designing a menu, she did it in a state of Joy and when she was preparing or serving food she did it with great Joy and sprinkled Love into all of her meals and pastries. 

    I learned a great deal from this powerful inspiring woman who knew the secret of life. She lived a life full of love and brought joy to every situation. 

    I remember her excitement when she announced, "tonight we are having a special treat: we are having Jam sandwiches" my brother and I loved those evenings. Of course as I reflect I suspect that there was insufficient funds for a cooked meal on those evenings. Filling our home with love and her unending faith made even the dark days full of light.

    Whatever you are doing - do it with Joy, fill yourself to overflowing with Love and Trust that everything will be OK. 



  • Intention

    When we desire something - be it a healthier lifestyle, a loving relationship, a fulfilling work life, being a better parent.  We have already imagined it: We have seen our active self, in the warmth of a loving relationship, being joyful going to work and/or having a calm and peaceful homelife. We have an image of a different way of being. We can explore what influencers were at work in the development of this desire. Advertising, Celebrity, Media, Literature, Cultural Belief and behaviours will all influence desire. The questions you may ask are 'why do I want this', 'would this serve me', 'is this achievable' 'Do I believe this is realistic', 'what will I need to change' etc.    Once you have a grasp of the influencers and your own analysis you then set your Intentions:

    Using the example of a healthier lifestyle: you will break this down into smaller components, examining your current lifestyle, work/home/rest/fun balance, exercise, sleep, nutrition, addictions etc. You will then make a start on your first goal:

     I am going to.... walk, go to the gym, join a rowing club, buy some hiking boots etc

    You will then make a plan in your mind to see how to make this achievable and sustainable. Then you take  Action . You will then see the outcome of your efforts in a Healthier Lifestyle

    Or will you? Are you full of good intentions? Can you maintain your Focus to reach your Goals and achieve your Dreams? 

    There is substantial evidence that people succeed when they are part of a group of people who are all working with desires to achieve their dreams. Join us as we make 2020 and beyond the best years ever.


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