Living on Purpose

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    STEP 1

    HOW are you spending your energy?

    Award yourself 100 units of energy to spend every day.

    Make a list of your priorities, responsibilities and aspirations, create a pie chart similar to the diagram.

    Consider the  energy you gave to each area today - or over the past week/month.

    What observation have you made?

    When we recognise and acknowledge our lives in terms of energy spent we are better able to investigate and re-negotiate our lives to create balance.

    I was taught that we must give out of our ‘overflow’ and not allow ourselves to run on empty - what is draining your energy and what changes can you make to improve your life?

    STEP 2 

    Look at the people who you meet in these life domains. Investigate who Give you energy and who are Take your energy

    Making choices for our health and wellbeing might just shift the balance - this could mean some harsh actions.  Where you can’t walk away from an energy vampire - you can reduce the energy you allow them to take. Seek support if you know what you want to do but it seems overwhelming.

    I would love your feedback and/or your story of how this simple exercise supported your productivity and satisfaction, please keep in touch


    Susi Jones


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