Living on Purpose

  • Intention

    When we desire something - be it a healthier lifestyle, a loving relationship, a fulfilling work life, being a better parent.  We have already imagined it: We have seen our active self, in the warmth of a loving relationship, being joyful going to work and/or having a calm and peaceful homelife. We have an image of a different way of being. We can explore what influencers were at work in the development of this desire. Advertising, Celebrity, Media, Literature, Cultural Belief and behaviours will all influence desire. The questions you may ask are 'why do I want this', 'would this serve me', 'is this achievable' 'Do I believe this is realistic', 'what will I need to change' etc.    Once you have a grasp of the influencers and your own analysis you then set your Intentions:

    Using the example of a healthier lifestyle: you will break this down into smaller components, examining your current lifestyle, work/home/rest/fun balance, exercise, sleep, nutrition, addictions etc. You will then make a start on your first goal:

     I am going to.... walk, go to the gym, join a rowing club, buy some hiking boots etc

    You will then make a plan in your mind to see how to make this achievable and sustainable. Then you take  Action . You will then see the outcome of your efforts in a Healthier Lifestyle

    Or will you? Are you full of good intentions? Can you maintain your Focus to reach your Goals and achieve your Dreams? 

    There is substantial evidence that people succeed when they are part of a group of people who are all working with desires to achieve their dreams. Join us as we make 2020 and beyond the best years ever.


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