Living on Purpose

  • The Power of the Breath

    Without changing anything, just listen and watch your breathing.                                                           How are you breathing?                                                                                                                                   Maybe rapid, slow, rythmic, deep or shallow?                                                                                                        If you change that on purpose, how do you feel?                                                                                              

    We can change our breath to change our mood, emotion, feelings and health:                                          Play with the breath to see where you are most comfortable: Try breathing through the nose, both in and out: long slow inhales with even longer exhales - how does that feel? When we hyperventilate or breathe rapidly.  we oxygenate our bodies, which helps us heal and feel 'alive'.

    When we count our breath in and out: For example: In,2,3,4 Hold 2,3,4, Out 2,3,4,5,6,7, we create rythms and our brain slows down and the mental chatter can find its peace. When we meditate, we focus on our breath to find silence and use our breath to enter into a deep state of relaxation.

    Belly breathing might sound a bit strange, but this is a natural way to breathe: As you breathe in rather than raising your shoulders, breathe deep into your lower abdomen and gently and softly push it out, then when you breathe out gently and softly pull your lower abdomen in. This becomes quite natural again after a little practice. Be gentle with yourself at all timesand gain clinical advice if you have any respiritory concerns

    Living on Purpose - Breathing on Purpose. Exploring your Capacity 














  • Rituals

    I won't tell you Transforming your life is easy......because you know that already

    Taking baby steps, One degree of change every day will not only keep your eyes on your goal, your dream but it will also lead you gently, sometimes almost indiscernibly to the place you want to be.

    We have explored the power of Routine, let us now look at Ritual

    We often associate Ritual with a religious practice, but I believe its a human trait. Thinking about your morning ritual, what happens when the alarm doesn't go off?  You're thrown into a spin. Rituals provide us with Security, they are tools that we have designed to order and manage our life. They make us feel safe, secure and purposeful. And the beauty is that we have the Freedom to choose and design our direction and purpose of our own lives by creating rituals.

    When I wanted to give up smoking ...again! I made a decision to explore what smoking was really about. I observed smokers in groups and alone and noticed that they all let their cigarette burn away for protracted periods of time and actually inhaled little. I then took my research to my own smoking ritual. Deciding ONLY to smoke alone, undistracted and unhurried. I took my 'ritual' seriously, slowed every part of the process down and with purpose and intent smoked each cigarette. Within 2-3 days I found I was less interested in smoking, but I persisted: by day 6 I could barely put the cigarette in my mouth, the desire had left.....and I can report it never returned.

    Do you have a Ritual that prevents you living the life you choose?

    By changing one aspect of your Ritual: just slowing the process down, mindfully observing everything and repeating the practice until the desired change becomes easy. 

    And of course Creating Rituals for Transformation and Living a Life On Purpose

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