Living on Purpose

  • Truth, Belief & Understanding….How do you define yourself?

    In all that I am - I seek only to love, no lofty ideals of what love might mean for you

    We are all on our journey, finding our path - stumbling over the rocks and the blocks of our own personal demons.

    When we start a journey of transformation, it is not an easy street. All our safety and security in the truth that we hold, our beliefs, our understanding and our direction are challenged and the earth beneath us feels unstable. I know…..I have spent more time in the eye of the storm than I care to remember - the dark nights of the soul when life feels impossible and no light shines at the end of the tunnel.

    When you work with people whose lives have been upskittled by their past, their now and the fears of their future, it causes a deeper exploration of your own psyche and one often asks - what separates us? We all have our own madness - those debilitating ruminations and terrifying dreams creating untold fear, anxiety and depression. And this is where I have spent my life - working with people afraid of themselves or others  and for some completely lost in their own reality and for most lost in the story they were told.

    Each of these wonderful people - my greatest teachers, were labelled, marked like a box ‘this way up’ and packaged accordingly - humanity lost, relationships ruined and hopes and dreams of a ‘normal life’ shattered. The rabbit hole is deep - this drug fits this label, this new treatment - the answer. One does not need to delve too deeply into the history of mental health treatments to know that they were NOT the answer.

    You might ask where are you going with this? 

    I am not anti-psychiatry - I am pro humanity, pro love, pro acceptance of all of our odd peculiarities. And yes in a deep crisis: support and treatment is absolutely necessary, talking treatments, medication and therapy are a vital life line…….

    I am anti-labeling and the impact that label can have throughout our lives, once in Mental Health Services... always labelled the record never wiped. 

    If I could say something quite radical - don’t define yourself by the label you were given  - clumsy, stupid, simple, useless, idiot, mad. You are so much more than that and those words belong to the person who spoke them and their demons - not YOU.

    If you were given a Mental Illness Label  - again don’t define yourself by the label, accept that the diagnosis was given at a time when you were unwell and this informed the treatment you were given to help you recover.

    YOU are so much more than any label: Spend time today thinking about the labels that empower you, bring you a smile, a label that feels happy to you and watch how the earth beneath you starts to feel more stable.


    May 18 - 24th is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, the theme is Kindness. Want to get involved with promoting Mental Health and Wellness? Get in touch now -


  • Thoughts create Things....and other bumper stickers

    It may be that you are completely satisfied with your life, or sometimes a reminder is all you need to start to live the life you dream of.

    Outside your thoughts - what defines the 'heart of you'? Who really knows you? And more importantly Do you know yourself?

    As above (in our minds) , so below (in our body).... what we think projects out into our world through our words, thoughts and actions. 

    What questions (of yourself) are you asking daily? 

    Next time you hear or see a 'bumper sticker',slogan or someone sharing their opinion

     Ask yourself:

    1. What do I think of that?
    2. Why do I think that?
    3. Does this thought serve me? (Is this thought going to move me towards or away from my dream/goal?)

    We can so easily get stuck in our thoughts and all too often these thoughts turn into concrete beliefs and become intractable. You have met people like that haven't you?

    Staying open to changing your mind, challenging your current belief systems and speech patterns is Living on Purpose. It is a powerful tool too.

    When you notice behaviours that do not serve you any more, then you know that Thought creates Things - so ALL you need to do is change your mind, change your words and Transform your life


  • Rituals

    I won't tell you Transforming your life is easy......because you know that already

    Taking baby steps, One degree of change every day will not only keep your eyes on your goal, your dream but it will also lead you gently, sometimes almost indiscernibly to the place you want to be.

    We have explored the power of Routine, let us now look at Ritual

    We often associate Ritual with a religious practice, but I believe its a human trait. Thinking about your morning ritual, what happens when the alarm doesn't go off?  You're thrown into a spin. Rituals provide us with Security, they are tools that we have designed to order and manage our life. They make us feel safe, secure and purposeful. And the beauty is that we have the Freedom to choose and design our direction and purpose of our own lives by creating rituals.

    When I wanted to give up smoking ...again! I made a decision to explore what smoking was really about. I observed smokers in groups and alone and noticed that they all let their cigarette burn away for protracted periods of time and actually inhaled little. I then took my research to my own smoking ritual. Deciding ONLY to smoke alone, undistracted and unhurried. I took my 'ritual' seriously, slowed every part of the process down and with purpose and intent smoked each cigarette. Within 2-3 days I found I was less interested in smoking, but I persisted: by day 6 I could barely put the cigarette in my mouth, the desire had left.....and I can report it never returned.

    Do you have a Ritual that prevents you living the life you choose?

    By changing one aspect of your Ritual: just slowing the process down, mindfully observing everything and repeating the practice until the desired change becomes easy. 

    And of course Creating Rituals for Transformation and Living a Life On Purpose

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